Thailand Village Homestay
Step Back in Time…

Included in the package is a visit to the unique village of Maekampong where time stands still. This special village is located in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai.

Once a poppy growing area and a bastion of hill tribes, it is now home to a small community of forest dwellers who cultivate tea and coffee plantations. Probably one of the prettiest and cleanest villages in South-East Asia, everyone takes real pride in their community and flowers and shrubs are planted in every garden as well as along the roadside.

Experience the culture of the local people, they are ready to show you the way of life from a bygone era. Hang out at the teahouse and shoot the breeze or stay overnight in their homestay scheme - the villagers have put together a package where you can choose any participating house, bungalow or homestay that you like the look of. The price is 980 baht per person per night and includes 3 homecooked meals and accommodation. If you want to savour Thailand, this is not to be missed.

Also included is an optional trip to the stunning Maekampong Falls where you can relax with the view of beautiful mountain pools or walk into the forest. You can also opt for a rainforest trek at a small extra charge.

The pristine village of Maekampong lies just 45 minutes southeast of Chiang Mai on the border of Jae Son National Park. With little in the way of development the surrounding ecosystem remains incredibly intact and is recognized as a hotspot of biodiversity. Climax old growth forest is common supporting a huge range of plant, animal and bird life.

At 1,300 meters above sea level this hill station is commonly 4-5° Celsius cooler than Chiang Mai – what better way cool down while you’re having fun!