Thailand’s Original Zipline Canopy Tour – Flight of the Gibbon

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Big Thrills and Big Smiles at Flight of the Gibbon

Chiang Mai Zipline Adventure – Flight of the Gibbon

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Founded in 2007, Flight of the Gibbon is one of the most established and trusted Zipline tour operators in Thailand and Asia. We are proud to provide action packed adventure experiences to people of all ages and all nationalities.   

Chiang Mai Zipline Features:  

  • Thailand’s only rainforest experience with a chance to see Wild Gibbons!
  • Real wildlife and forest conservation, funded by you! 
  • Approx. 2.5h of Ziplining + lunch + waterfall walk + 1 hour van ride each way
  • A combination of Ziplines, abseiling, sky bridges and forest walks with some stations suspended very high up above the valley floor and One of Asia’s longest single Zipline flights  
  • 2 sky rangers with each group, trained to keep you safe and point everything unique to the beautiful rainforest preserve 
  • Located in the beautiful eco-mountain village of Mae Kampong
  • Complementary transport to and from your accommodation in our air conditioned vans 
  • A delicious local style lunch with locally farmed coffee is include

Flight of the Gibbon is Serious about Safety

The safety of our visitors is paramount. Our Zipline courses have been constructed by industry leading team of international experts who have decades of experience. The top quality equipment we use comes from Europe and exceeds all necessary international safety standards. We construct and operate our Zipline to the standards set by the American organisation, Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).  Read More

No Experience Necessary – Everyone can participate! 

Ziplining with Flight of the Gibbon is suitable and safe for all ages ranging from children to senior citizens. No special training is required and guests are looked after by our highly trained Sky Rangers. Flight of the Gibbon has a few rules and recommendations:

  • Participants must be a minimum height of 1 metre (3ft 3in) to ensure the harness can be fitted securely.  
  • The maximum permissible weight of individuals is 125kg (275lbs) although our equipment is actually designed to take much greater weights.
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Our Beautiful and Exciting Chiang Mai Zipline Course

We have created courses with Ziplines at different heights and lengths to take our visitors on a thrilling trip through the treetops and jungle. Whether it’s walking along sky-bridges suspended in the tree canopy, standing on viewing platforms, abseiling down ropes to the forest floor or clambering over cargo nets, a Flight of the Gibbon experience is designed for fun and adventure.
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The Only Zipline Course with Wild Gibbons

Our Chiang Mai Zipline course has a family of resident Gibbons, free from cages and frolicking throughout the rainforest. You will hear their calls as you Zipline through the rainforest and if you’re lucky you will spot them as they go about their daily routine.

Our course is also designed to be educational with stops at each of the nature stations giving visitors the chance to learn more about the local flora, fauna and wildlife. Our sky rangers enjoy teaching visitors about the local eco-system and are very knowledgeable so please don’t be shy to ask questions.

Responsible Eco-Tourism

When you Zipline with Flight of the Gibbon you become part of our conservation experience.  Thanks to your support we have established a number of conservation programs in Thailand and believe it is crucial to involve the local community in these programs. Flight of the Gibbon are committed to this key part of our business with a percentage of our profits going towards conservation.
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Multi-Day Adventure Tours

Flight of the Gibbon is renowned for our Chiang Mai Zipline experience, however via our partners we also provide other adventure activities in Thailand, including rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, caving, Segway tours, homestay and white-water rafting. That Sounds FUN! Tell Me More

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Saving a few bucks at the expense of safety and experience just isn’t worth it to us. You may only have one chance to do this in your lifetime, and we’re committed to creating the most memorable and exciting adventure for you!  

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Thanks to your support we’ve been able to re-introduce Gibbons to the forest and are in the process of re-introducing Hornbills as well. Many of our sky rangers and all the forest guards are employed from the Mae Kampong eco village. We maintain a team of conservation experts dedicated to sustainable environmental practices.