Chiang Mai Zipline Tour - Flight of the Gibbon™

We are serious about safety, so you can relax and enjoy your adventure

Share the adventure of a lifetime with family and friends

Imagine yourself in a virgin Rainforest unlike anywhere else on Earth!

Young and not-so-young alike, anyone can fly with us!

Big Thrills and Big Smiles at Flight of the Gibbon

Thailand’s Original Zipline Canopy Tour

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Whoop, Whoooop, Whooooo!

Listen for the shrieking cicadas and bubbling mountain streams. Up here in the treetops of the quiet Mae Takhrai park is the award winning Chiang Mai zipline canopy adventure. 

Flight of the Gibbon uniquely brings you into contact with rare wildlife. Among the towering trees of an old growth forest a family of primates marks their territory in song. They’ve got company. Listen again. Whoooo. A soft cry echoes across the ravine. That’s not a gibbon; it’s an exhilarated tourist trying to hold in the excitement about what surprise nature might present on the next station!

Good reasons to join us:

  • Real gibbon conservation, funded by you!
  • 5 kms of ziplines, with Asia’s longest single ‘flight’ (800m)
  • 30 stations, some suspended up to 50m above the valley floor
  • Safety is a top priority
  • 2 sky rangers with each group, trained to spot wildlife and everything unique to this forest preserve  
  • Visit an eco-mountain village and waterfall

Features of our Chiang Mai course:
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Conservation counts
When you join us for a day of zipling near Chiang Mai, you become part of a conservation experience. Thanks to your support we’ve been able to re-introduce gibbons to this forest. Many of our sky rangers and all the forest guards are employed from the Mae Kampong eco village. And we maintain a team of conservation experts dedicated to sustainable environmental practices.

3999 Baht/person*

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Family of 4 Zipline Special - All Locations

Book 2 adults with 1 child and the second child ziplines for FREE!

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Make it a 2-Day Thailand Holiday Adventure

*Options include white water rafting, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, caving, Segway tours of Chiang Mai, homestay and golf.

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We exceed the highest standards for safety.

No experience is necessary to zipline. 
Everyone can participate! Check weight and size restrictions.

We won’t engage in a race to the bottom. Saving a few bucks at the expense of safety and experience just isn’t worth it to us. You may only have one chance to do this in your lifetime, and we’re committed to creating the most memorable and exciting adventure for you. In fact, we guarantee it!


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