Flight of the Gibbon™ Jungle Conservation Projects: Protecting Southeast Asia's Eco-System

A percentage of our profits go to jungle rehabilitation and protecting the rare Gibbon ape!

Rainforest Conservation and Gibbon Habitat Protection

Giving Back To Nature

We support ecological education programs and fund a re-planting program to preserve both Thailand’s and Cambodia's native trees. We also invite schools and corporations to get involved with our tree-planting projects.

Gibbon Conservation

Flight of the Gibbon has been very active also in wildlife conservation activities by funding Gibbon Rehabilitation and Release programs, which have been in operation since 2007. Flight of the Gibbon is committed to re-establish Gibbon populations in its natural habitat but within its historical range both in Thailand and Cambodia where we operate. Read more about gibbons

Forest Conservation

Deforestation, and degradation of forests in South East Asia contributed to a general decline of forest ecosystems health and often their ecological services have been compromised. Although our canopy tour takes place in a beautiful, lush evergreen forest where human impact has been very minimal, some other areas near our site have suffered from decades of over exploitation. These forest landscape mosaics pose a threat on biodiversity that is recognized globally. From the inception of Flight of the Gibbon™, it was our goal to minimize our operations impact to the surrounding environment and we placed primary importance into reforestation and restoration of degraded forest areas. 


  • Increase conservation awareness for customers: Provide each person with a unique forest canopy tour experience. Our sky ranger guides will be talking about flora and fauna as you traverse the zipline course.
  • Bring awareness to local population: through our activities and commitment we are trying to change locals perception on forest utilization and promote a more sustainable approach
  • Research: Work with experts and locals in order to find the causes and possible solutions for limiting ecosystems degradation.
  • Action: Engaging locals and conservation experts to protect the surrounding eco-systems
  • Inspiring: Our commitment for nature conservation should encourage many of our customers to do something about this cause after returning home. 

Think global, act local

Various Projects :

Maekampong, Chiang Mai Province
Maekampong is a mountain village about an hour drive East of Chiang Mai and is where the Flight of the Gibbon™ tour takes place. At the beginning of July, 2008 we began work with the local villagers and the forest service to plant 500 trees in a deforested and overused area near the tour site. Some bamboo in the area was removed and nine different species, both saplings and more mature trees were planted. The forest department also helped us to create a nursery so that we are in a position to sustain and increase our reforestation efforts year after year.
Impact: Since 2008, we have planted thousands more indigenous trees

Angkor Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia
In 2013-14, the Wildlife Alliance of Cambodia to re-introduce the native gibbon specie back into the low land forest at Angkor Archeological Park where we operate. We cooperated with the government's Forestry Department to assure the program had its best chance to succeed. We will continue working towards bringing back more gibbons and more extinct species in the coming years under the direction of local NGO’s and the Forestry Department.
Impact: Two gibbons set free in 2013 both thriving well in the surrounding forest where prior to this release gibbons were extinct.

Wildlife Alliance organization provides technical assistance and critical thinking to governments and strives for stakeholder consensus in achieving solutions to multiple environmental threats, including animal trafficking, economic land concessions for agro-industrial plantations and mining, and community encroachment on forestland. Wildlife Alliance is the leader in direct protection to forests and wildlife. Their mission is to combat deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change, and poverty by partnering with local communities and governments.

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"Wildlife Alliance appreciates the donation made by Flight of the Gibbon towards our work to restore wildlife back into the forests of Angkor. This has helped us to continue with the monitoring and post release protocols of the two pairs of gibbons and trio of silvered langurs we have already released there. We would also like to acknowledge the responsible behavior of the Flight of the Gibbon ground staff towards the pair of gibbons released close to their work premises, which has ensured as little interaction with visitors as possible.  Wildlife Alliance thanks Flight of the Gibbon for their support and hopes that this relationship can continue so that in time sustainable populations of pileated gibbons and other wildlife can be seen in the Angkor forest once again.
Mr. Nick Marx
Director, Wildlife Rescue and Care Programes