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USA TodayUSA Today - 10 Best

"Billed as Thailand's premiere zipline canopy tour, this adventure takes you deep into the jungles around the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary, where you travel above the forest floor from platform to platform via a series of ziplines suspended high in the air."

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Travel ChannelTravel Channel - Thailand's Top 10 Outdoor Adventures

"From the sea to the sky, our next adventure takes you through the canopies of the Chiang Mai rainforests. You'll ride in your single-person swing and cruise a cable suspended through the 1500-year old Thai can rock climb, mountain bike and stay in authentic Thai village home stays."

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Flight of the Gibbon conservation in ThailandDestination Thailand News - A Year of Flight of the Gibbon’s Conservation Initiatives in Review

"As 2016 draws to a close, Flight of the Gibbon looks back on its many successful ecological projects. Flight of the Gibbon not only focuses on the safety and satisfaction of its guests but places great importance on the conservation of the local forest as well."

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Chiang Mai City Life - Flight of the Gibbon Forest RestorationCityNews Chiang Mai - Flight of the Gibbon Plants 6,000 Trees in Chiang Mai

"Flight of the Gibbon, the leader of canopy tour and zipline, established a reforestation project that is now very successful. The director of conservation department Mr.Demis Gelli has vowed to continue this wonderful project to expand the re-forested areas."

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Fodor's TravelFodor's Travel - World's Most Amazing Ziplines

"Located an hour east of Chiang Mai, plan to spend an afternoon at the Flight of the Gibbon, where Asia’s longest single flight—coming in over 2,600 feet in length—is a standout among the course’s 33 platform stations."

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AlternetAlternet - After Forty Years, the Spectacular Hornbill May Soon Soar in Thailand’s Jungles

"The Oriental Pied Hornbill may be re-introduced into the jungle of northern Thailand as a result of a collaboration between the Hornbill Research Foundation of Mahidol University and Flight of the Gibbon. It has been 40 years since the hornbill prospered in the jungles of Southeast Asia."

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BK Asia City PostBK Asia City Post -19 awesome reasons to Visit Nothern Thailand this winter

"Baan Mae Kam Pong is a peaceful village 49km outside of Chiang Mai town that’s drawing more travelers for its alluringly slow pace of life. On top of nearby Flight of the Gibbon (Huay Kaew District, activities, you can also undertake a small trek to Mae Kam Pong waterfall, too."

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Men's JournalMen's Journal - The Wildest Zipline Tours on Earth

"The most impressive of the bunch is in Chiang Mai, where travelers have a very good chance to see wild gibbons while zipping through the rainforest. The ecosystem is surprisingly healthy given its proximity to a major tourism center and the over two miles worth of lines leads deep into the shadows between 33 different platforms."

Read More - Flight of the Gibbon Adventurous Day Trip Near Bangkok

"Finding an activity that is fun and engaging for all the family is a tough ask, but without a doubt, Flight of the Gibbon has done it by mixing the right elements of exciting zip-lining action, reassuring safety procedures and some beautiful views of pristine jungle."

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Flight of the Gibbon CHiang MaiLook East Magazine - Chiang Mai Mini Guide

"Even more exciting, Flight of the Gibbon (053 010 660, offers wild jungle zip line adventures featuring sky bridges, abseils, and more, high above the forest canopy near picturesque Mae Kampong village within an hour of Chiang Mai."

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Chiangrai TimesChiangrai Times - Flight of the Gibbon Conservation Project

"At Flight of the Gibbon, the rainforest is ruled by apes. Gibbons are a small ape that most countries consider an endangered species. Flight of the Gibbon uses treeplanting efforts and 10% of its profits to help save the gibbons and their rainforest habitat."

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SeekerSeeker - 10 Amazing Zipline Tours All Around the World

"The zipline is just one part of the adventure tours offered by Flight of the Gibbon in Thailand. Rather than one long, exhilarating ride, the tour involves ziplining between treetop platforms, and rappelling descents. Unlike most of the ziplines here, Flight of the Gibbon focuses on being educational as well as fun."

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The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race Television Show - Flight of the Gibbon as seen on The Amazing Race Asia

"The Amazing Race Asia went to Flight of the Gibbon Adventure Tour Thailand on their journey around the world. Flight of the Gibbon does zipline adventure tours in the Bangkok & Pattaya area as well as near Chiang Mai. They offer some of the coolest adventure travel and Thailand holidays out there!"

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