Mae Kampong - A Beautiful and Scenic Location in the Surrounding Mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mae Kampong is a beautiful village an hour East of Chiang Mai nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains and forests.

The beautiful village of Mae Kampong and its surrounding areas have long been a source of enjoyment and inspiration to not only the local people that happily reside there, but also to the fortunate visitors from around the world that are lucky enough to visit it.

Home to the exciting Flight of the Gibbon zipline attraction, the village of Mae Kampong offers visitors to this unique area of scenic wonder a chance to take in the full beauty of Mother Nature in her regular surroundings.

The local people of the area are some of the most friendliest that you will ever have the joy to encounter, and their welcoming and laidback demeanour will have feeling at home and at peace in no time.

Originally hailing from the area of Doi Saket, the ancestors of today’s villagers came to the area in search of more fertile lands which would assist them with improving their native tea growing and cultivation practices.

Located just a short distance from the “Rose of the North” - the city of Chiang Mai - visitors to Mae Kampong will instantly feel like that have stepped back in time, with traditional teak homes dotting the nearby mountains and ranges, and where the local folk go about their daily lives just as their ancestors before them have done for hundreds of years.

Fruit, coffee and tea trees pepper the naturally green and fertile landscape, and these tasty treats not only serve to help to provide sustenance for the village people who reside in Mae Kampong, it is also a source of income for them as they choose to work on the land.

As a visitor to Mae Kampong you can witness the locals go about their lives as they bring in the seasonal harvest, and the native people of the area are only too happy to show you their farming skills and let you partake in a little bit yourself, should you wish to do so.

Mae Kampong is one of the most accessible highland villages to the city of Chiang Mai, receiving many visitors a year as a result.  Here’s a bit of background about this interesting little place.

For those that are looking for a fuller life experience, there are plenty of places where you can stay for the night in Mae Kampong, where you can enjoy the rustic charms of yesteryear and relax in tranquillity amongst welcoming hosts - in a place where you can travel as fast or as slow as you like.

Whether it is experiencing a unique environmental interaction courtesy of the Flight of the Gibbon attraction, or slow living, nature loving, walks at the speed and pace of a snail, the village of Mae Kampong can provide you with an enjoyable and memorable experience in the north of Thailand that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

And the appreciation of Mae Kampong’s “Mother Nature” is not limited to the village’s boundaries either.

Located just a stone’s throw away is the beautiful and scenic Chae Son National Park, which is home to hot springs, wading pools, waterfalls and walking paths, that will truly soothe any world weary wanderer that is fortunate enough to pass through its mountainous magic.

Other striking local destinations include Mae Kampong’s very own waterfall, which features many levels of water which have cleansed many bodies and souls over the years, and the cavernous yet beautiful cave at Mae On, which is an awe-inspiring site in all of its natural wonder.

Mae Kampong is one of the most accessible highland villages to the city of Chiang Mai, receiving many visitors a year as a result.  Here’s a bit of background about this interesting little place.

For those that like the flow of life to be a little more frantic, the river at Mae Taeng waits with its white-water kayaking and rafting opportunities, which will deliver plenty of thrills but not too many spills as you rush down the rapids in this dreamful destination, which is located close to the famous San Kampang hot springs and on the border of nearby Lampang province.

Mae Kampong remains a true hidden gem of nature where visitors can take a glimpse and be embraced by another place in time.  Where the locals are friendly and life moves as fast or slow as you want it to. Where you can find your forgotten self or enhance and grow as you take in all that is wonderful about this magnificent location.