Eco-Tourism and Conservation: A Perfect Combination

Imagine yourself soaring high above the jungle, the tropical breeze caressing your face as colorful birds squawk in the distance. The flora and fauna surround you in every direction as you zip over the canopy. The experience fills you with happiness and satisfaction; not only because of the thrill of the journey but because of the causes that you are supporting at the same time.

Welcome to Flight of the Gibbon, Thailand and Cambodia’s premier ziplining tours and rainforest experience. What makes our project so special – aside from the adventures taking place in pristine nature – is that by doing so, you are supporting an organization that gives back to the community and the local environment. Instead of opening a business in search of profit and nothing more, we chose a different path, that as a leader in global eco-adventure tourism.

Aside from boasting the longest, fastest, and highest ziplines in the world, we at Flight of the Gibbon invest a portion of our profits in reforestation projects, ecological education programs, and primate rehabilitation. We are very passionate about conservation and love sharing our desires for a greener and healthier eco-system with our customers. We pride ourselves in being different by educating our customers. Instead of just offering the zipline experience, we teach our customers about the flora and fauna in each of our locations to give them a better understanding of the environment around them.

Reforestation Projects

We want to give back to the local community that has welcomed us and our visitors with open arms. Back in 2008 we started planting a variety of native tree species in deforested areas close to where we operate our ziplines. Since the initiative took off, we have planted over 30,000 trees in the jungle of Thailand alone and plan to plant one million trees within the next twenty years.

Instead of us going in there and planting on our own, we involve the local community. School children are our main allies and involving them is truly special. To be able to teach them about conservation and pass along our passion for nature preservation to the younger generations is the best way we can possibly give back to the local community and environment.

Reintroduction Projects

Unfortunately, gibbons are hunted for their meat and are also captured to be sold off as exotic pets. Because of this, gibbons were extinct in Chiang Mai and Siem Reap for decades before we reintroduced them. Aside from loving the jungle around us, we also care deeply for the animals that call the jungle home. The white-handed gibbon is a threatened species and we want to do everything in our power to keep them healthy and prosperous.

One pair of gibbons that we rescued and rehabilitated back in 2007 have already had two offspring and the happy family of four is thriving in their natural habitat. It is very hopeful for us to see them adapting so well to their own environment and it is a thrill for our customers who get to see them in nature.

As Flight of the Gibbon grows, so does our reach. We have recently expanded to Cambodia and are working on reforestation and reintroduction projects there as well with locals and interested environmentalists. Like the gibbons that we released into nature, the future of our project is bright and will continue thriving with the love and support of compassionate people who care about the environment.