Angkor, Cambodia Zipline Tour 
Flight of the Gibbon

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Cambodia Zipline Tour | Angkor, Cambodia Eco-Adventure

Cambodia Zipline Tour | Angkor, Cambodia Eco-Adventure

Cambodia Zipline Tour | Angkor, Cambodia Eco-Adventure

Flight of the Gibbon is the only Zipline in Cambodia and to top it off we have the absolutely amazing privilege of being located within the UNESCO World Heritage site of The Angkor Archaeological Park. A distinction mode possible by our commitment to the environment through wildlife rehabilitation, various conservation efforts and work within the local community.


Due to unforeseen circumstances we will need to partially close the Siem Reap Zipline course for maintenance until further notice. The Zipline will still be operating between station 1 – 10 with station 11-21 closed. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience however out of concern for the safety of our visitors this is unavoidable.

For all guests who still wish to fly with us we will offer you a discount of $40 USD per person to compensate for the reduced number of stations. You can book here on the website and the price has already been reduced from $99 USD to $59 USD.

Despite the smaller number of stations available we still boast some of the highest safety standards in Asia as well as our legendary customer service and are still a fully inclusive Eco-adventure experience.

Please see below our updated course map with the above mentioned changes to the course.

Cambodia Angkor Zipline Tour Course Map

During your visit to our Angkor Course you will:

  • Spend 45 minutes on the course viewing the jungle from 10 stations
  • Crisscross over the jungle canopy on 3 single Ziplines and 1 double Zipline
  • Explore the jungle across 2 hanging bridges
  • Learn about the flora and fauna in the Angkor jungle
  • Learn about the flora and fauna in the Angkor jungle.
  • Be outfitted with state of the art safety equipment by our Sky Rangers.
  • Enjoy a traditional Cambodian meal with refreshments.
  • Receive round trip shuttle service from anywhere in Siem Reap or the surrounding area.
  • Have a chance to see gibbons in a natural jungle eco-system.

$59 USD/person 

*Entrance inside Angkor Archaeological Park is not included, an additional $20 USD fee is required payable at the gate unless you already have a day / multi day pass.  You can use the pass to visit the temples for the remainder of the day if you desire, however you will need to arrange your own transportation.

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