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Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia zipline and outdoor adventure tours
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Award Winning Course Features

  • S.E. Asia’s Longest Single Zipline
  • Asia’s Highest Zipline
  • Tandem Flying on ‘Honeymoon’ Ziplines
  • Your Safety is our Top Priority
  • Exotic Rainforest Wildlife, Flowers & Fauna
  • Hanging Sky Bridges
  • Gorgeous Vistas from Treehouses & Platforms
  • Rappels from Towering Trees
  • 2 Highly Trained Sky Ranger Guides on Every Tour

Gabbin with the Gibbon

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Customers Say

Alexandr from Russian Federation

 " было великолепно! адреналин зашкаливал! некоторые трусливые боялись, но все равно прошли все до конца! весело шутили ребята скай рейджеры! очень отзывчивый и веселый коллектив сотрудников "Полета Гиббона"!!! Спасибо   за хороший отдых и удовольствие,  которого нет в России!!! " 

by- Alexandr from Russian Federation, visited Jun 2015
Marlee from Texas, USA

"It was great fun to get to fly like superman!"

by- Marlee from Texas, USA, visited Jan 2015
Joanna from Adelaide, Australia

"Fun and safe experience and the guides made it very fun and unique for everyone involved. I'd highly recommend!"

by- Joanna from Adelaide, Australia, visited Mar 2015
Ekaterina from Russian Federation

"было все очень здорово! впечатления незабываемые! все очень безопасно! всем советуем! "

by- Ekaterina from Russian Federation, visited May 2015
Mohammad from Iran

"I love this place!!!! I love this staff!!! I love Flight of the Gibbon"

by- Mohammad from Iran, visited Aug 2015
Ally from Washington DC, USA

"I loved that the experience included ziplining as well as repelling, hiking and a "bungee jump". We laughed the whole time as Don, our guide was hilarious!"

by- Ally from Washington DC, USA, visited Feb 2015
Ada from Shanghai

"Amazing and unforgettable, I have never seen gibbons before! The village is unique, very calm nothing like the city or anywhere in the rest of the world!"

by- Ada from Shanghai, visited Apr 2015
Noa from Israel

"We had a really good time and it was a very meaningful experience. The kids enjoyed it and the Sky Rangers were excellent. We recommend that treetop experience for every family visiting Bangkok."

by- Noa from Israel, visited May 2015
Ryan from Singapore

"Exciting and good for a family vacation! Thanks for everyone!!"

by- Ryan from Singapore, visited Sep 2015
Neha from Kenya

"The whole package was amazing, great experience and great staff!"

by- Neha from Kenya, visited Mar 2015
Fumihiro from Japan

"It was an amazing experience...Safety measures are very good and the Sky Rangers too...thank you"

by- Fumihiro from Japan, visited Jul 2015
best activities in Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Wonderful ziplining experience and it is easy to see why it is consistently ranked as one of the top adventure activities in Thailand. Climbing up to each platform, flying through the air or rappelling to the ground, we felt safe the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves."

by- Eric and Evanne, visited Oct 2014
Alex and Nico (ages 8 and 6)

"We liked it a lot, we where high up in the trees and there was a very good view!"

by- Alex and Nico (ages 8 and 6), visited Feb 2015
Gordon from Lake District, England

"Fantastic way to go through and view the forest!"

by- Gordon from Lake District, England, visited Mar 2015
Yael from Isreal

"I was nervous to do the zipline, but the guides made me feel safe and secure. Great team at Flight of the Gibbon!"

by- Yael from Isreal, visited Mar 2015
Griffin from Canada

"You don't get to do that everyday!"

by- Griffin from Canada, visited Mar 2015