Wet Gibbon™

Wet Gibbon

2 Days: White Water Rafting, Zipline and Homestay

water rafting

Price: 5900 Baht/person

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Wet Gibbon™ caters to all levels, whether you’re an experienced adrenalin junkie or a first-time paddler. The white water is thrilling (class 3 and 4) and the zipline canopy tour is exhilarating, but your safety is always our top priority.

Day 1: White Water Raftingwater rafting

The Mae Taeng river rafting run is 2 ½ hours of splashing river rapids and excitement. It’s located in the wilderness just outside Chiang Mai and close to our zipline canopy tour. Professional guides and the highest safety standards assure the trip is always fun, exciting and safe. The trip leader will demonstrate river safety, paddling technique, and cover what to expect.

The thundering of the next rapid is never far downstream and the occasional pools of calm give a chance to reflect on the awesome beauty surrounding the river.


You’ll stay overnight in the beautiful Thai village of Maekampong. Immerse yourself in local Thai culture by staying inside the home of a Thai family. Enjoy a home cooked Thai meal prepared for you by the family. Enjoy a traditional Thai massage during the evening and let it relax away the day's muscle soarness and prepare to sleep well.

In the morning walk through the beautiful countryside and interact with the local villagers and learn about the traditional crafts and culture.



Day 2: Flight of the Gibbon™ Zipline Canopy Tour

(Can Switch Days and Do Zipline First  Day)

After a hearty breakfast, prepared by your host homestay family, you will be transported by luxury van to the Flight of the Gibbon zipline nature preserve. Climb the spiraling stairs up and up to start your jungle “flight” through 5km of zipline. As you soar from sky platforms to hanging bridges and abseiling/rappelling stations, experience this pristine jungle canopy in all of its majesty.

When you finish the course, which takes about 3 hours, enjoy a traditional Thai lunch. Then embark on a beautiful jungle hike up to beautiful Maekampong Falls. As you return to the city of Chiang Mai in your VIP minibus, enjoy an afternoon snack including locally grown, organic Arabica coffee.


  • 2 1/2 hours all-inclusive, white water rafting on the Mae Taeng river
  • Overnight homestay in Maekampong, with meals, massage and local culture
  • 1-day, all-inclusive Flight of the Gibbon zipline canopy tour
  • All equipment, safety briefings,
  • Lunch, snacks, fruit, and water
  • Professional guides
  • Home cooked Thai food
  • Education about the rainforest and the amazing Gibbon ape
  • Transport in air-conditioned, luxury vans

Please Bring:

  • River sandals or trainers
  • Shorts
  • A change of clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Money for drinks
  • Check seasonally for warmer clothing options in Thai off season and possibly rain gear in rainy season
  • Energy for the adventure of a lifetime

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