Fantastic Course

"They exceed the highest international safety standards. You get an entirely different perspective being up in the trees, looking down at the tree tops rather than looking up into the canopy."


Unparalleled Memories

"What an experience, something I’ll never forget. This is an adventure that will give you unparalleled memories of your trip to the Land Of Smiles."


“Great time, Beautiful Location, Professional Staff”

"The zip line course was the best ever, I believe they have one of the longest lines in the world. We saw wild Gibbon's in the forest and the scenery is beautiful. They provided amazing Thai food afterwards with live traditional Thai music. Their van also picked us up at our hotel in Chaing Mai at no extra charge."

Jason S.

Man was it awesome!!!

"The jungle is one cool, magical place... saw some pretty incredible views from being so high up."



"Flight of the Gibbon offers the longest zip line (at 800m, it’s pretty spectacular), and also the opportunity to see a family of gibbons in the forest (they were adorable). The guys who take you through the jungle have the perfect balance of being absolutely hilarious, reassuring, and of course safety conscious."

Brittany E.

Exhilarating! Climbing, Flying, Rappelling

best activities in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wonderful ziplining experience and it is easy to see why it is consistently ranked as one of the top adventure activities in Thailand. Climbing up to each platform, flying through the air or rappelling to the ground, we felt safe the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Eric and Evanne

"Ranks right up near the top!"

"If you ever find yourself in Thailand, be sure to look up Flight of the Gibbon... you won't be disappointed! We've done some great things together as a family, but I think my whole crew would echo that this one ranks right up near the top!  Seriously - book a flight to Thailand soon!  You won't regret it!"

Sarah Marlin

Outstanding outing and AWESOME service!

"Bas worked with us and our 6 year old son to make our day a complete success. Without his efforts I am certain that my son would have opted to not complete the course... our day at 'Flight of the Gibbon' will be remembered forever as a positive and life changing event!!!"



Flying through the trees above the jungle below is very exciting, especially the longest wire... I'm pretty sure I was screaming on that one! Extremely well organised and safety was taken very seriously. The guides were lots of fun, full of jokes... great to share with friends or family.




C.-H. Chu