Flight of the Gibbon™ - Safety is our #1 Priority

safety first at flight of the gibbon

At Flight of the Gibbon™, every person receives a safety briefing and is personally outfitted in the proper gear by one of our highly trained Sky Rangers. Behind the scenes, our safety managers follow strict protocols for safety and maintenance every day. Attention to every detail of this protocol has allowed us to fly hundreds of thousands of people on our ziplines without incident.

Our courses were designed and engineered to exacting standards by a world-class international team of experts with over 27 years of experience.  We are proud to exceed qualifications for the highest safety standards in the world.  Our triple-bolted construction, engineered exclusively for us in Europe, keeps each line functioning independently. While structurally this is the safest method used anywhere, this construction is also undisruptive for the trees and keeps them vibrant and undamaged.

When you fly, you will be accompanied by at least two of our rigorously trained Sky Rangers. Not only will they watch your every move to assure your safety, they will explain exactly what to do to enhance your experience while zipping and explain what you may see in the rainforest while you enjoy your exhilarating adventure.

Come visit us today and see why everyone is talking about Flight of the Gibbon!