Flight of the Gibbon™ Jungle Conservation Projects: Protecting Southeast Asia's Eco-System

A percentage of our profits go to jungle rehabilitation and protecting the rare Gibbon ape!

Rainforest Conservation and Gibbon Habitat Protection

Giving Back To Nature

We support ecological education programs and fund a re-planting program to preserve both Thailand’s and Cambodia's native trees. We also invite schools and corporations to get involved with our tree-planting projects.

Gibbon Release Program

Through the Gibbon Rehabilitation and Release program, which has been in operation for 6 years, Flight of the Gibbon is committed to re-establishing the Gibbon population in its natural habitat in both Thailand and Cambodia where we operate. Read more about gibbons.

Jungle Conservation

Deforestation, over-hunting and overuse of land in many parts of Thailand and Cambodia have all contributed to a general decline in the health of the forest ecosystems, including primate populations. While our canopy tours take place in beautiful, pristine old-growth forests where the plant ecology is primarily intact, some areas near our site have suffered from decades of overuse. A truly healthy ecosystem that can support a wide range of plants and animals needs a very large area for animal populations to stabilize. From the inception of Flight of the Gibbon™, it was our goal to minimize the impact of bringing tourist to this amazing place and restore the surrounding areas to once again be a stable, healthy, functioning ecosystem.


  • Research: Work with experts in the field to find the causes for the decline in ecosystems.
  • Creating Teams: Engaging locals and restoration experts to protect the eco-system in a way that will last.
  • Education: Give each person a unique, unforgettable experience when they participate in our canopy tours. Each tour includes our Sky Ranger guides talking about, and pointing out, flowers,fauna, insects and wildlife as you traverse the zipline courses.
  • If we can create a new found curiosity about what is happening with the ecosystems when they join us, maybe each participant will become inspired to engage and start working on environmental issues at home too!

Project Examples:

Maekampong, Chiang Mai Province

Maekampong is a mountain village about an hour East of Chiang Mai and is where the Flight of the Gibbon™ tour takes place. In the beginning of July, 2008 we worked with the local villagers and the forest service to plant 500 trees in a deforested and overused area near the tour site. Some bamboo in the area was removed and nine different species, both saplings and more mature trees were planted. The forest service also helped us create a nursery so we are in a position to sustain and increase our reforestation efforts year after year.

  • Since 2008, we have planted hundreds of more indigenous trees
  • Indigenous fruit trees are also being planted each year, over 1,500 so far

Angkor Park, Siem Reap, Cambodia

In 2013-14, we helped the Wildlife Alliance of Cambodia re-introduce the native gibbon back into the tropical jungle where we are located in Angkor Archeological Park. We funded the cages, where gibbons must be kept for 3-4 months before being set free. We cooperated with the government's Forestry Department to assure the program had its best chance to succeed.

  • Two gibbons were set free in December, 2013 and are adapting to life in the jungle each day.
  • Prior to this release gibbons were extinct in this forest.

We hope to work towards bringing back more gibbons and more extinct species in the coming years under the direction of the Wildlife Alliance and the Forestry Department.

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