Kayak Gibbon

Kayak and Flight of the Gibbon™ Zip Line Adventure Tour Package.

Three kayaking choices on this adventure. Journey through the jungle (we will determine whether you take Route A or B, depending on the weather and river levels) OR a relaxing kayaking trip with a day at the lake!  All trips include the amazing at Flight of the Gibbon™, Zipline Canopy Tour.

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Price: 5900 Baht per person (additional 500 Baht for only one person)

Day 1: Kayaking

Chiang Dao Route A

Route A: Chiang Dao Jungle River

Kayak on Chiang Dao Jungle River As the rains ease with the cool season and the hot dry season begins, during this time, the slowly receding water levels allow us to enter deep in to the jungle and navigate through the lush and overgrown waterways of the northern Ping river. Winding itself through bamboo jungle and temperate forest you will enjoy an intimate view of forest kayaking north of Chiang Mai, a jewel in the crown of exploration in undisturbed nature. The overhanging trees and the cool water provide for a unique coolness. Abundant bird life, fish jumping and mysterious sounds from the forest accompany you on our journey. This Jungle can only be safely entered in the dry season…

So don’t miss it!

Pick Up: 8:30 am - Return Hotel : 5:30 pm.
downstream south through Chiang Dao JungleWoman kayaking on Chiang Dao River
River grade: Class 1+
Distance/Time: 17 km, 4-5 hours
Fitness level: Good
Kayaks: Highly maneuverable Sit On Top Kayaks
Motivated Beginners are welcome
Previous kayaking experience helpful
Lessons in basic river kayaking provided
Be able to swim or comfortable in the water 

Included: Lunch, Snack and juice
Maximum: 5 people with 2 instructors
Overnight at IMM Thapae Hotel: situated in the heart of Chiang Mai, with easy access to all amenities and restaurants. Very comfortable 3 stars hotel with free wifi.

Chiang Dao Views

Route B: Chiang Dao Mountain Views

Chiang Dao MountainStarting 75 km north of Chiang Mai this route reveals a beautiful valley with orchards, rice, corn fields and rolling hills. The famous Chiang Dao Massive mountain, the “last tooth of the Himalayas”, sticks out like a giant fin.  At 2,225m tall with its jagged and sharp peaks, it cuts through the rest of the skyline and demands our attention.

The Ping River, here swift and twisty, flows vigorously in the shadow of the Chiang Dao mountain. Every turn seems to present itself for a new photo opportunity as we drift south across the valley. The river contours are demanding when the creek like features force us to adhere to the river’s path.  A great place to learn the tricks of the trade without the harsh consequences of a Class 3 river. Life along the shores is at a relaxed pace, people here tend to respect natural resources and living off the land has true meaning here. Is it crabs they are looking for as locals are snorkeling the river banks?  You may see a fisherman casting the net waiting for a catch, as farmers wave, taking a break from tending their lands along the river.

Chiang Dao Massive is the 3rd largest mountain in Thailand.  Near the village of Chiang Dao you will enjoy a hearty lunch by the river,  After our well deserved break, we continue past villages and farmland towards the southern part of the valley. In the distance, we can already make out the hills that separate Chiang Dao from Mae Ngat Valley.  Our ground transportation awaits for the ride back to Chiang Mai.

Pick Up:  8:30 am  Drop off: 5:30 pm.
Trip: Crossing the Chiang Dao Valley
River grade: Class 1+
Distance/Time: 18 km, 4-5 hours
Fitness level: Good
Kayaks: Touring Kayaks- Sit In & Sit On Top kayaks
Motivated Beginners are welcome
Previous kayaking experience helpful
Lessons in basic river kayaking provided
Be able to swim or comfortable in the water  

Chiang Dao Views Map

Play Day at the Lake

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Recommended for the whole family!

Jumping in a Lake

60km north of Chiang Mai stretches the Mae Ngat Reservoir, 18 km across Sirilanna National park.  The leisure kayaker will enjoy a 14 km round trip past lush jungle and across open water scapes. In usually glassy conditions, we enter the reservoir from the west and kayak to a group of floating house boats while enjoying the coolness of the lake.  At a floating restaurant, we provide lunch and refreshments and a diving tower invites us for a dip while some might explore the bay on their own. After a playful day at the lake, we head back to our starting point enjoying the fantastic views of the Mae Ngat Valley along the way.

When:  8:00 am – 5:30 pm  All year rain or shine
Sirilanna National Park Reservoir
5,900 Baht
Lake condition:
calm water
14 km round trip, 2-3 hours
Fitness level: Fair to Good
Touring Kayaks- Sit In & Sit On Top (Double Kayaks on request)
Novices are welcome
Previous kayaking experience not neccessary
Lessons in basic kayaking provided
Be able to swim or comfortable in the water  

Sirilanna National Park

Day 2: Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai

Zipline throught the Thailand Forest

The highlight of the package is The Flight of the Gibbon – a 3 hour, 5km zipline adventure high up in the rainforest canopy using ziplines and crossing skybridges taking in the glory and majesty of the old growth, high altitude pristine rainforest.

A Thai lunch is served on your return followed by a beautiful trek up the impressive seven tiers of the Maekampong Falls nearby.

Before you return to Chiang Mai there is a snack with locally grown organic Arabica coffee. Then it is into the VIP minibus and back to civilization.

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